Reconditioning of rotor blades and gear components

Reconditioning of rotor blades and gear components exclusively consist of procedures which are executed only by qualified engineers. This will assure you of the good condition of your power plants and to avoid failures. Exact analysis and diagnosis lead us to the maintenance plan.


Rotor blade repair & servicing

  • Torque testing of bolted joints
  • All makes and sizes of rotor blades repaired
  • Elimination of shrinkage cavities, cracks and other damage
  • All maintenance and adjustment work at the tip of all makes and sizes including exchange of blade tips and tip ropes
  • Assembly and repair of stall stripes and vortex elements
  • Cost-effective servicing due to rope access technology or working platform
  • Planning and coordination of rotor or vane change


Gear repair and servicing

  • Analysis for monitoring actual condition
  • Temperature analysis
  • Oil analysis
  • Gear endoscopy
  • Installation of ancillary components to increase life span
  • Exchange of gear and generator bearings
  • Planning and coordination of gear changes and repair work, procuration of replacement parts