Protect your windenergy assets

You have invested heavily in energy generation and are keen to avoid losses due to component repairs and downtimes. The manufacturer offers you a certain amount of security with warranties and maintenance contracts. Besides this, the ongoing maintenance of a wind power plant is essential for early detection of defects, wear and faults

Wind loads and other physical forces acting on the engine, rotor, engine housing and tower are tremendous. And the operation of a mechanical system weighing many tons requires expert supervision by experienced specialists.

Protect yourself against avoidable machine downtimes or losses due to plant component damage. The service team of GFW consists of highly qualified engineers and technicians with different specialisations. Using state-of-the-art analysis techniques, they examine the functional capacity and operating safety of all the components of your wind power plant, documenting the results and providing database-supported online access to them. 

Technical questions or quotation requests should be sent to our technical team.